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Deploy an App-Rollup in One Click

Caldera makes it easy to launch performant,
customisable blockchain rollups.

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Caldera | Cases


Caldera is the first rollup platform, allowing developers to launch customisable layer-two blockchains on Ethereum and Polygon mainnet without coding or infrastructure hassles.

We collaborated with Caldera to achieve an impressive rebranding and UX enhancement, empowering engagement, visual identity, and usability.


Web and App Design, React, GSAP, Gatsby, Motion design, Web3 Development.


Blockchain, Web3, Infrastructure


Design System, React Web App, Landing Page, Animations.


2 Months



Website and Rebranding

In collaboration with Caldera, we fused their current brand elements with their request for uniqueness and professionalism. Through the strategic use of lines and trapezoid shapes, we effectively conveyed the brand's identity and the principles of blockchain technology.

Responsive design

Responsive design

App redesign

We revamped the app's UX/UI design to align with the new brand. We also enhanced usability through streamlined workflows. Working closely with the Caldera team, we successfully achieved a refreshed application that combines a compelling user experience with the new brand identity.


Design system

Design system and guidelines enable seamless updates and improvements to styles and components, empowering the Caldera team to maintain a consistent visual identity and streamline the design process.

Design system

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