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Secure SOL and Earn Rewards Without Your Funds Locked In

Unlock your stake with mSOL, the most integrated liquid staking token in the Solana ecosystem.

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Marinade | Cases


Discover how we transformed the staking landscape with our comprehensive design contributions to Marinade.Finance. As a pioneering staking protocol built on Solana, they offer users the opportunity to stake SOL tokens with unrivalled ease and flexibility.

Explore our case study to witness how we streamlined complexity into user-friendly experiences, contributing to Marinade's innovative edge in the Solana ecosystem.


UX/UI, Motion, Web and App Design, Video production.


Crypto, Solana, DeFi, WebApps.


Design System, App Design, Video Explainer, Animations.


4 Months

App Redesign

The journey from initial app sketches to a polished, ready-to-use design involves a meticulous process that combines creativity, user-centred thinking, and technical precision. Our approach ensures a seamless transition, creating an intuitive and visually appealing app that aligns with user needs and industry standards.


App redesign mobile



Liquid Staking

The idea behind liquid staking is to enable people to stake without losing access to the liquidity of their tokens. This takes place through tokenisation and issuance of on-chain representations of staked assets - liquid staking tokens - that are a claim on the underlying staking positions.

Native Staking

Marinade Native was designed to receive the stake authority of the user’s stake account without touching the withdraw authority assigned to the user’s wallet.

Design system

A UX/UI design system brings consistency, efficiency, and user-centred design to digital products. It streamlines development, reduces design inconsistencies, and creates a seamless and effective user experience across platforms.

Design system

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